Dr. Yao Yevenyo Ziggah


PhD, Geodesy and Survey Engineering, 2017

MEng, Geodesy and Survey Engineering, 2013

BSc (Hons), Geomatic Engineering, 2008



1. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), (2014 - 2017)

2. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), (2010 - 2013)

3. University of Mines and Technology (Then, KNUST Western University College, Tarkwa), (2004-2008)



1. Chinese Government Scholarship, (2014-2017)

2. UMaT Staff Development Fund, (2014-2017)

3. Chinese Government Scholarship, (2010-2014)

4. Ghana Government Scholarship, (2010 - 2013)



  • Application and development of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Geodesy
  • Geodetic Coordinate Transformation
  • Geomathematics
  • Crustal Deformation Modelling
  • Geoid Modelling and Height Systems
  • GPS Meteorology
  • Ground Vibration Modelling



1. Lecturer (2017- date)

2. Assistant Lecturer (2014 - 2017)



1. Principles of Geodesy

2. Advanced Geodesy

3. Survey Measurements

4. Land Surveying

5. Applied Optics

6. Survey Computation and Adjustment II

7. Spatial Statistics



1. 4 Undergraduate Project Works, (2014/2015 Academic Year)

2. 5 Undergraduate Project Works, (2015/2016 Academic Year)

3. 4 Undergraduate Project Works, (2017/2018 Academic Year)



1. Mine Surveyor, CBM Surveys Limited (Adamus Resources Limited on the Nzema Gold Operations-Resettlement and Mine Construction Project)

2. Exploration Surveyor, Westminster Development Limited

3. Mine Surveyor, Boafo Mining Limited

4. Pit Surveyor (Service Personnel), Golden Star Limited (Bogoso/Prestea)

5. Intern, Abosso Goldfields Limited, Damang Mine



1. Estimation of Mine Pit Excavation Volume using Multiple Linear Regression Approach - A Case Study. (2016-2016)

2. CoordinateTransformation using Vanicek and Steeves Concept - A Case Study of Ghana Geodetic Reference Network. (2016-2016)

3. Transformation of Planimetric Coordinates between War Office 1926 Ellipsoid and Clark (1880) Modified Ellipsoid. (2016-2016)

4. Comparative Study of Ordinary Least Squares and Total Least Squares Methods in 3D Coordinate Transformation-A Case Study of Ghana Geodetic Reference Network. (2016-2016)

5. Integration of Wavelet Analysis and Artificial Neural Network for Geodetic Deformation Modelling – A case study. (2016-2016)

6.Peformance Assessment of Methods Used in Transformation from Cartesian Coordinates (X, Y, Z) to Geodetic Cooridnates (φ, λ, h). (2015-2015)

7. Distortion Assessment in an Existing Bursa-Wolf and 12 Parameter Linear Affine Data Using Polynomial Transformation Model within Ghana Geodetic Reference Network.(2015-2015)

8. Assessing the Methods of Estimating Ellipsoidal Height for a Local Geodetic Network. (2015-2015)

9. A Comparative Study of Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) and Total least squares (TLS) in Predicting 2D Cartesian coordinates. (2015-2015)



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