Dr. Sampson T. Appiah


  1. PhD Mathematics, 2015
  2. MSc Mathematics, 2006

  3. BSc Mathematics, 2002




  1. Member-Ghana Mathematics Society, (2008 - Date)

  1. 2017 to date: Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa.

  2. 2010 to date: Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa.

  3. September 2007 – 2010:  Technical Instructor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa.



  1. Applied Computational Methods for MPhil/MSc (2017)
  2. Operations Research for MPhil/MSc (2016 to date)
  3. Design and Analysis of Experiment for MPhil/MSc (2015 to date)
  4. Advanced Probability and Statistics forMPhil/MSc (2013)
  5. Sample Survey Theory for MPhil/MSc (2013 to date)
  6. Application of Numerical Analysis to Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) for MPhil/MSc (2012)
  7. Colloquium and Seminar, 2010
  8. Sample Survey Theorem (year four, 2010 to date)
  9. Theoretical and Classical Mechanics (year two, 2008 to date)
  10. Continuum Mechanics (year three, 2008 to date)
  11. Discrete  Mathematics (year one, 2009-2010)
  12. Ordinary Differential Equations (year two,2009 to date)
  13. Linear Algebra and Trigonometry (year one, 2007 -  2009


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  1. Head, Department of Mathematical Sciences, UMaT, 2017
  2. Sectional Editor of the Ghana Mining Journal and the Ghana Journal of Technology for Department of Mathematical Sciences, UMaT,  2017.
  3. Chairman, Committee to investigate assault on Head of Security Unit, UMaT, 2017
  4. Chairman, Committee to investigate robbery case at University Bungalow (TARSCO) Flat 1A, UMaT, 2017.
  5. Member, Committee on Programme Structures and Course Syllabi of BSc Financial Mathematics and Data Science, Department of Mathematical Sciences, UMaT, 2017.
  6. Member, Committee on Training Co-ordination Fees and Departmental Dues, UMaT, 2017.

  7. Member, Committee on Review of Programme Structure and Course Syllabuses for Ghana Technology University College, 2017.

  8. Training Officer, Faculty of Engineering, UMaT, 2016/2017

  9. Member, University of Mines and Technology (UMaT) Ghana Universities Staff Superannuation Scheme (GUSSS) Management Committee, 2016.

  10. Member, Board of Survey on Unserviceable Items,UMaT, 2016.

  11. Chairman, Committee on Reaccreditation of Mathematics Department Programme, March, 2015.
  12. Member, Committee on Five Years development Plan for Mathematics Department, March, 2015.
  13. Member, Committee on Loss of CCTV Monitor Cable, May, 2015.
  14. Invigilator, Cambridge International College, Feb., 2015 to date.
  15. Member, Committee to Review the MSc Programme of  Mathematics Department, , UMaT, Tarkwa, March, 2014
  16. Member, Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee, Mathematics Department, UMaT, Tarkwa, April, 2014
  17. Mathematics Department Representative, Faculty of Engineering Board, UMaT, Tarkwa, Aug., 2012 to date
  18. Member,  Committee to Review Tax Deductions of UTAG Members, UMaT, Tarkwa, May, 2012
  19. Member, Department of Mathematics Board, 2007 to date
  20. Training Officer, Mathematics Department, UMaT, 2010 to 2012.
  21. Scrutineer, Election of Pro Vice Chancellor, November 2010
  22. Member, Registration Sub-Committee of the 1st UMaT International Mining and Mineral Conference. 2010
  23. Examination Officer, Mathematics Department, UMaT, 2009
  24. Project Coordinator, Mathematics Department, 2009
  25. Secretary and member of the committee set up by the Mathematics Department of UMaT to prepare the MSc. Syllabus for the Mathematics Department, 2008.
  26. Academic Tutor since 2007 to date