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A Group Picture of Participants2
A Group Picture of Participants

The Danish Business Academy Aarhus, School of Applied Science has organised a training course for a group of selected Lecturers and Technicians from the Departments of Environmental and Safety Engineering, Minerals Engineering and Geological Engineering of the University. This is part of the project of establishing the Environmental Monitoring Laboratory for the University.

Four experts from the Danish Business Academy Aarhus School of Applied Science conducted the basic training workshop for 21 participants. The goal for this workshop was to update the professional knowledge and skills of the participants on subjects related to rock and soil mechanics, environmental monitoring and field studies which are mainly related to the equipment delivered with special emphasis on impacts and needs of the mining industry. The training also focused on the use of the features and possibilities of the proposed equipment for educational, research and consultancy purposes and best practices in laboratory management, operation and safety.

The four experts were Helle Jeppesen, a Senior Lecturer in Biotechnical and Food Technology, Henrik Johansen, a Senior Lecturer in Biotechnical and Food Technology, Rudi Brent, a Senior Lecturer in Biotechnical and Food Technology and Lars Davidsen, a Senior Lecturer in Business Development.

The Environmental Monitoring Laboratory Equipment have been acquired by the University through a DANIDA Funded mixed tied credit facility and it is hoped that the equipment would change the face of research and innovation in this University for the betterment of the mining and allied industries and the country as a whole.

Source: Paul Yeboah, Head, University Relations Office