The Information and Communications Technology Unit (ICTU) of the University of Mines & Technology (UMaT) is the central coordinating unit established to coordinate the planning, implementation and monitoring of the use of internet and ICT facilities within the University. The key task of the unit is to provide users with the much needed ICT functionalities to support academic processes. The Unit is also in charge of spearheading support for the effective running of the local area connections and wireless connections.

Wireless Access

UMaT provides Wi-Fi access for students, faculty, staff, and guests. This service provides wireless network access for computing devices such as desktops, laptops and smartphones. The University provides wireless access in classrooms, conference rooms, library, sitting areas and the halls of residence. Office space and other non-public areas are connected by way of local area connections. We pride ourselves with making internet accessible to all.

Wi-Fi Benefits and Limitations

The wireless service provided is recommended for convenient access to the University’s network for low-bandwidth applications such as web browsing and accessing email. The wireless communications allow for device mobility and easy physical reconfiguration of systems in a collaborative environment. The service is not intended for time-sensitive or mission-critical applications, such as network-based exams. There are many commercial wireless devices that may cause interference.

Interference from nearby devices can result in degraded service or service interruption. These devices include cordless phones, wireless cameras, wireless microphones, etc. The capacity of the wireless network to carry data is shared among devices in an area, so a large number of devices in a small area can result in slow speeds for everyone. Kindly contact the ICT Unit by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all first line ICT support services.

Configuration, Troubleshooting and Support

The Unit supports Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, and Mac OS X operating systems on laptops, as well as several mobile devices, such as Apple's iOS , Android and Windows Phone. You can send an email or visit the Unit in person on the second floor of the mining building between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm.

Who can access the Network?

The University requires authentication to gain access to the wireless network. Users must have a valid username and password or guest account/ID that is authorized to use the service. Most faculty, staff are automatically authorized. Authorization may be revoked to resolve a security issue or remove a problematic device from the network or if a user breaches terms. Kindly download and read through the ICT policy to understand the dos and don’ts of the network.

Guest Access and Conferences

Guest Account IDs authorized to use the University’s wireless service can be obtained from the ICT Unit at second floor, Mining Block. Account reservation can be made for large groups or conference attendants. Please allow 7 day notice for large group events.

Data Privacy

You should take the same precautions with regard to protecting data when using the wireless network as you do when transmitting data over the traditional wired network. Data that needs to be secure should be encrypted end-to-end. You generally verify this type of encryption by looking for a lock box that indicates the session is secured. The University encrypts over-the-air wireless traffic as a best-effort to protect it from eavesdropping, but the University cannot guarantee the protection of that data.

Browser Settings Configuration

To access the UMaT internet, the browser software on computing devices must be configured appropriately. Below is the different browser software configurations.

Mozilla Firefox Browser Configuration

Open the Mozilla Firefox browser

On the Menu bar, click Tools and select Options

Click on the Advanced category

Click on Network tab

Click settings under connections

Check Manual Proxy configuration

Enter proxy server IP address and port number

Proxy Server IP address -

Port Number - 8080

Check the box that says - Use the proxy server for all protocols

Click OK to save the new settings

Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.


GOOGLE Chrome Browser Configuration

Open the Google Chrome browser

Click on the customize and control Google chrome at the topmost right corner and select settings

Click on advanced settings

Locate and click on change proxy settings to display the Internet Properties dialog box

Under connections, click on LAN Settings

Check the box. Use a proxy server for your LAN

Enter proxy server IP address and port number

Proxy Server IP address -

Port Number - 8080

Click OK to save the new settings

Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box



Internet Explorer Browser Configuration

Open the Internet Explorer browser

Click on tools and select Internet Options

Click on the Connection tab

Click on the LAN settings to display the Local Area Network (LAN) settings

Check the box. Use a proxy server for your LAN

Enter proxy server IP address and port number

Proxy Server IP address -

Port Number - 8080

Click OK to save the new settings

Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box

Frequently Asked Questions

1)   What is the University of Mines & Technology campus Wi-Fi?

The University of Mines & Technology campus WI-FI is a wireless internet signal within the confines of the university academic and residential facilities which aims to bring IT closer to both students and Staff in order to facilitate effective teaching and learning  This enables both students and staff to access the internet on campus using the university network which is spread across most of the university campus through various access points.

2)   Where do I find these UMaT Wi-Fi hotspots?

UMaT WI-FI can be found at the following locations: The Administration Block, Electrical & Mechanical Blocks, Mathematics, Geomatics, Mining & Mineral Blocks, The Library, The Computer Block and the Halls of Residence.

3)   Are there any signage or notices that will prompt me that a university facility has WI-FI hotspot around?

Currently there are no signs or notices, but we will be placing WI-FI zone signs at some vantage sections within the university campus where the wifi zones can be found. You can also scan for the signal of any of the available WI-FI hotspots The following Students Residences within the university campus have WI-FI zones: The Chamber of Mines Hall (Dubai & Novotel), The Gold Refinery Hall.

4)   How do I use the WI-FI on University of Ghana campus?

The UMaT WI-FI works on only devices that have WI-FI capability (Most laptop computers, tablets and some phones)

5) Which specific devices can connect to UMaT Campus WI-FI?

All Laptops with WI-FI capability, desktop computers with WI-FI network card or WI-FI USB dongles. Smartphones like; Apple iPhone, HTC smartphones, Samsung smartphones and a host of others. Tablets like IPAD, Samsung Galaxy tabs, Nexus 7,10 etc.

6) There are a lot of WI-FI names at where I am located, how do I know which ones belong to University of Mines & Technology?

The University of Mines & Technology WI-FI has been prefixed with the name of the location where the access point is located, e.g. Maths Wifi / Electrical Wifi.

7)   I am NEITHER A UMaT STAFF MEMBER NOR A STUDENT, I came for a programme/seminar organised by the University of Mines & Technology. How do I connect to the WI-FI?

Non staff or students are categorised as 'Guests. 'Guests should contact personnel of the ICT Unit for user credentials and browser settings configuration.

8)   I am a visiting lecturer, where should I go to obtain my username and password?

Visiting lecturers are all guests of UMaT and should therefore contact personnel from the ICT Unit to obtain user credentials.

9)   I am national service personnel, what do I do to get WI-FI connection?

National Service persons are treated as staff of the University but with access level restrictions. They must contact personnel from the ICT Unit to obtain user credentials.

10)  Do I have to configure my device before connecting?

Yes, you will be unable to connect to the UMaT WI-FI without configuring it though you might have correct user credentials.

11)  Great, can I bring my device to the ICT Unit to be configured?

No, all users are supposed to configure their devices by themselves. There is a step by step procedure on how to do the configuration that can be found at the University of Mines & Technology webpage.

12)  My friend (colleague/ other staff members/ other students)  have configured their own laptops/devices, can I follow the settings and do the same?

Yes, it’s the same procedure.

13)  My device just can’t connect, should I bring it to the ICT Unit for help & support?

Yes. However, the ICT Unit cannot directly support WI-FI configuration for each individual at the office . Users should email IT related issues to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include your student or staff ID, level, phone number and problem description in your mail.

University Address, GK-120 678 Warsaw, Poland | Phone: +48 0045356723