A Delegation from Memorial University of Newfoundland Pays a Second Visit to UMaT

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A Group Picture of the Visiting Team from MUN and UMaT Staff
A Group Picture of the Visiting Team from MUN and UMaT Staff

A Delegation from the University of Newfoundland (MUN) in Canada has paid a working visit to the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT), Tarkwa. This is the second time a delegation from that University has visited UMaT. The Delegation was led by Prof Neil Bose, the Vice President in charge of Research of MUN. He was accompanied by Prof Faisal Khan, the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Ms Jinghuan Nie, the Manager for International Programmes in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science of MUN.

Welcoming the delegation to UMaT, the Vice Chancellor, Prof J. S. Y. Kuma expressed his gratitude to them for their determination to visit UMaT for the second time. He thanked them for their resolve to come and see what UMaT was doing.

According to Prof Bose, their visit was a follow up to the previous one and to take concrete steps to the relationship with UMaT forward. According to him, the relationship that was established after their earlier visit to UMaT centered on Research collaboration, Scholarships for students, Postgraduate studies and students and staff exchanges. He further said that MUN had a strong faculty in Ocean Engineering and proposed that UMaT faculty who were interested could be trained since UMaT was also very strong in Petroleum Engineering and other related fields, it would be very necessary to build on that strength in Ocean Engineering from MUN. Prof Bose also said Mining was very important to the Province MUN was located and so he was excited that they were developing this relationship with UMaT that would grow into the future.

Prof Faisal Khan also intimated that they want to be part of UMaT’s capacity building agenda because they were ready to support UMaT faculty who would do part of their PhD work at MUN. He indicated that he was ready to immediately offer places at his Faculty for UMaT PhD candidates, because according to him, he is very passionate about UMaT. He also suggested that UMaT and MUN could jointly approach some of the big Companies in the On-shore Oil Fields in Canada to help build structures and the capacity building programmes of UMaT and that he was confident that the companies would accept to help.

He expressed the hope that the collaboration would allow the two institutions to jointly supervise postgraduate students. He added that there were scholarship opportunities available for graduate students which UMaT students could take advantage of.

Responding, Prof Kuma informed them that one of the benefits of the collaboration would be to develop a model where Guest Lecturers from MUN could come to UMaT to deliver short term courses. This according to Prof Kuma, would be a true symbiotic relationship for the two institutions. He informed them that UMaT was ready to offer 5 candidates for consideration for PhD in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at MUN.

At the end of the discussions the meeting agreed on some common grounds for mutual benefit which included student mobility that will allow brilliant students of UMaT to be sent to MUN for Staff Development, UMaT Staff who are pursuing their PhDs locally to be offered opportunity to do some research in MUN, short courses that would benefit UMaT Lecturers, research collaboration, and co-supervision of PhD students.

Also present at the meeting were Assoc Prof V. A. Temeng, the Pro Vice Chancellor of UMaT, Mr A. K. Doku, the Registrar of UMaT, Prof Richard Amankwah, the Dean of the Faculty of Integrated Management Science, Prof W. K. Buah, the Dean of School of Postgraduate Studies, Assoc Prof S. Ndur, the Dean of the Office of Research, Innovation and Consultancy, Assoc Prof Anthony Simons, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Assoc Prof Patricia B. Mireku-Gyimah, the Dean of International Programmes, Dr Eric Broni-Bediako, the Head of the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Mr Paul Yeboah, the University Relations Officer.

Later in the afternoon and as part of their visit, Prof Faisal Khan held a Seminar on the theme “Dynamic Risk Management of Hazardous Operations” for Members of Convocation.


Source: Paul Y. A. Yeboah, Assistant Registrar and Head, University Relations Office

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