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Dr. Benjamin Odoi


Departmental Training Officer


Mathematical Sciences

Research Interest

Applied Statistics, Bio-Statistics ( Epidemiological Studies and Clinical Trials, Design and Analysis of Experiments, Statistical Genetics), Climate Change, Financial Statistics (Risk Analysis, Stochastic Process and its Application, Quality Control, and its Management), Data Science (Data Mining, Neural Networks), and Big Data Analytics.

Dr. Benjamin Odoi is a Lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Mines and Technology, UMaT, Tarkwa. He is a contemporary statistician and big data analytics with diverse applications focusing on health, applied statistics, and climate change. As a statistician on many research projects, he has provided technical advice in areas ranging from sample size calculation, data collection design, data management procedures, data analysis, statistical and mathematical modeling, and many more. Also, as an inspiring teacher, he has taught many statistical and related courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has also guided the research work of many students in applied statistics,  mathematical modeling, public health, finance, logistics, and engineering at the Ph.D., MPhil, MSc, and BSc levels.  His computer programming skills include using SAS, R, Minitab, SPSS,  Eviews, XL Miner, and Pasalade.

PhD in Mathematics (Statistics Option)
MSc in Applied Statistics
University of Peradeniya, UOP
Certificate in Advanced Study in Data Science and Big Data Analytics
GIMPA, Ghana
MPhil in Statistics
BSc in Mathematics
University of Peradeniya
University of MInes and Technology, UMaT
University of Mines and Technology
University of Mines and Technology
Applied Statistics Association of Sri Lanka (ASASL)
Nigerian Statistical Association
Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Mathematics Association of Ghana
UMaT Staff Development Sponsorship
Assistant Lecturer
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