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Miss. Esther Boateng Owusu




Petroleum Geosciences Engineering

Research Interest

Physical and Styructural Geology

Petroleum Geochemistry




Shale Gas


Machine Learning Modeling 

Petroleum Geology

Engr. Esther Boateng Owusu (Miss) is a Petroleum Geoscientist whose expertise is in the application of geology, petrography, mineralogy, source rock geochemistry, geostatistics, and machine learning to analyse oil and gas outcrop or well site data and model the data for field appraisal development of a well's potential to (1) have a working petroleum system, (2) produce oil and/or gas (3) evaluate the hydrocarbon resource, (4) understand the source to reservoir charge and (5) charge frontier plays.

Her current work is in the application of machine learning algorithms and geostatistical techniques to assess the source rock potential and improve the mineralogical study of the onshore Volta Basin of Ghana and Belata black shales in Peninsular Malaysia.

She is an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Petroleum Geosciences, under the School of Petroleum Studies at UMaT since 2020 and the lecturer in charge of Laboratory works in the department. AS part of her assigned duties she trains students in analytical thinking and develop their problem-solving skills on geologic problems related to field mapping skills and data analyses and mostly in petroleum geosciences related areas.

Univerisiti Technologi PETRONAS
University of Ghana
Univeriti Teknologi PETRONAS
University of Ghana, Legon
Institution of Engineering and Technology,Ghana
University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG)
West African Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, WAIMM
Petroleum Research Fund
Best Oral Presenter certificate award, National Geosciences Conference
Most Diligent Student, Petroleum Geoscience award
Assistant Lecturer
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