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Mr. Frederick Kofi Bempong




Petroleum Geosciences Engineering

Research Interest

  1. Sedimentology and Depositional Processes
  2. Sequence Stratigraphy and Rock Physics
  3. Seismic Reservoir Characterisation
  4. Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction and Geomorphological Dynamics 

Frederick holds a BSc. degree in Geology and an MSc. degree in Petroleum Geoscience, both from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is skilled in field geology mapping, sequence stratigraphy, and unraveling depositional settings. Also, He is excited about engaging in activities that build on his research capabilities, teaching, and learning as well as understanding new frontiers. Frederick hopes to someday leverage his degree and skills to become a renowned researcher in the field of Geosciences.

MSc Petroleum Geoscience
Pan African University, Institute of Life and Earth Science (PAULESI), University of Ibadan, Nigeria
BSc Geology
University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Pan African University, Institute of Life and Earth Science (PAULESI), University of Ibadan, Nigeria
University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Ghana Insitute of Geosciences (GHiG)
Petroleum Geoscientists Association of Ghana (PGAG)
Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationist (NAPE)
African Union Commission Scholarship: MSc Petroleum Geoscience - Pan African University, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Assistant Lecturer
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  1. Frederick K. Bempong, Chukwuemeka N. Ehirim, Botwe Takyi, Clifford Mensah Addai, Kwame Sarkodie and Prosper A. Akaba (2022), "Innovation in Minning and Mineral Processing: Expanding and the frontiers of mining Technology", 7th UMaT Biennial International Mining and Mineral Conference, 1-12
  2. A. B. Acheampong, C. O. Adeigbe, M.K Prempeh, F. K. Bempong (2021), "PERMEABILITY MODELLING OF THE ENYENRA FIELD, TANO BASIN- GHANA", Mediterranean Geoscience Union Annual Meetings, Instabul, 744
Annual Outreach by Go Beyond a Smile Foundation (GBASF), Ghana
Stratigraphic correlation and varaitions within the the Tano Basin:From Shallow Waters to Deep Waters
Integrated Regional Sequence Stratigraphy of Offshore Ghana; Implications for Basin-Fill, Genesis, Evolution and Prospectivity of the Source, Reservoir and Seal Rocks : Resaerch Support
Sequence Stratigraphy and the Prospectivity Assessment of the Campanian Section, West Tano Basin, Offshore Ghana: MSc. Dissertation Title
Geoenvironmental Evaluation of a Metal Fabrication Facility in Abanla Area of the Northwestern part of Ibadan District, Southwestern Nigeria: BSc Project
PG 259: Stratigraphy and Palaeontology
NG 267: Oil and Gas Exploration Methods
PG 170: Fundamantals of Petroleum Geosciences and Engineering
PG 365: Exploration Geophysics
PG 363: Well Logging
University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG)
Position: Goalkeeper