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Dr. Benjamin Edem Meteku



Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering

Research Interest

His research focuses on the sysnthesis and applications of novel materials for pollution mitigation via heterogeneous catalyis and sorption processes. 

He also does research on Magnetic Metal Organic Frameworks (MMOFs), Activated Carbon and the production of industrial materials from indigenous agro-waste

Dr Benjamin Edem Meteku is a Lecturer  at the Department of Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering, University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Technology, Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry.

His research focuses on the synthesis of novel materials for pollution mitigation via heterogeneous catalysis and sorption processes.

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PhD Chemical Engineering and Technology
China University of Petroleum
MSc Chemical Engineering
BSc Industrial Chemistry
China University of Petroleum
International Association of Engineers
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