Dr. Lewis Brew


  1. PhD Mathematics (2017)

  2. MSc Mathematics (2009)

  3. Dip. Human Resource (2009)

  4. BEd Matheamatics (2003)

  5. Cert "A" (Post Sec) (1995)

  6. GCE A- Level (1992)

  7. GCE O-Level (1987)

  1.  University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa, Ghana,

  2. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. Ghana

  3. Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), UK (Distance),

  4. University of Education, Winneba, Ghana,

  5. Akrokerri Training College, Akrokerri, Ghana,

  6. Fijai Secondary School, Sekondi, Ghana

  7. St John's Seconadary School, Sekondi, Ghana



  1. Member,  Mathematics Association of Ghana (MAG),(2014 to date)
  2. Member, Swiss Mathematical Society.Switzerland (SMS),(2013 to date)
  3. Member, Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), (1995 to 2003)



  1. GETFund, Ghana. Staff Development Fund to Pursue PhD at UMaT, Ghana (2012 to 2016) 
  2. Best National Service Personnel in Teaching, Ghana (1993)



  1. Senior Lecturer (2017 to date)
  2. Lecturer (2012 - 2017)
  3. Assistant Lecturer (2010-2012)



  1.  UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL:  Elements of Abstract Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry and Calculus, Statistical Modeling, Time series and Forecasting. Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Mathematical Analysis.


 2.   GRADUATE LEVEL: Time Series and Forecasting, Multivariate Analysis



  1. Twenty - six (26) Undergraduate Project Works, (BSc)
  2. Six (6) Postgraduate Thesis (MSc/MBA)



  1. NADMO District Co-ordinator, Jomoro District, Western Region, Ghana.
  2. Finance and Administration Sub-Committee Chairman, Jomoro District Assembly, Western Region
  3. AssemblyMember (Elected), Half-Assini, Jomoro District, Western Region
  4. Teacher, Tarkwa Senior High School.
  5. Teacher, Methodist Junior High School, Half-Assini, Ghana.
  6. Facilitator, Commonwealth Executive Masters of Business Administration, Institute of Distance Learning (IDL), KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana.



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10. Brew, L and Nyarko P. K. (2012) “Estimation of Rainfall Frequency and the Prediction of Hydrologic Floods in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality using Exceedence Probaility” 2nd UMaT Biennial International Mining Conference, pp. 386 -393.

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12.  Eshun, E. and  Brew, L. (2012), “ An Assessment of Information and Communication Technology Usage in Educational Institutions in Metropolitan, Urban and Rural Divide”, 2nd UMaT Biennial International Mining Conference, pp. 394 -401.



      1. Faculty Board Representative for Department of Mathematical Sciences, (2018)

      2.Senior Hall Tutor, Chamber of Mines Hall, (2017)

      3.Senior Hall Tutor, Chamber of Mines Hall, (2015)

      4.Chairman – Loans Committee of Minescho Credit Union, Tarkwa. (2014 to date)

      5. Assistant Examiner, West Africa Examination Council (WAEC), (2013-2016)

      6. Member- Committee on Conduct of  University Examination, (2012)

      7. University Sports Co-ordinator, (2012 - 2016)

      8. Member, Finance Sub-Committee, 3rd UMaT Biennial International Mining Conference,(2014)

      9. Examination Officer, Department of Mathematics, (2010 - 2012)

     10. UMaT Representative, Tarkwa Municipal Science Fair for Basic Schools (2011)

     11. Academic Tutor, Department of Mathematics (2011 to date)

     12. Hall Fellow, Chamber of Mines Hall, (2010 to date)